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Optiikan Päivät / Optics & Photonics Days

May 29-31 2017

Photonics Finland organises Optics & Photonics Days 2017 on May 29-31 at Radisson Blu hotel in the center of Oulu. The convention starts with a get-together event on May 29. The program of the conference reflects current activities and trends in Optics and Photonics in Finland, gathering both academic researchers and industrial representatives. The non-exhaustive list of topics include laser technology, nanostructures and plasmonics, optical fibers and applications, nonlinear optics and applications, ultrafast optics, optical characterisation methods and spectroscopy, biophotonics, printable optics and manufacturing, theoretical optics and simulations.

Cheos Oy, Ophir Optronics, Camera based beam propagation analyzer

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Laser Power and Energy meters
Beam Analyzers
High Speed Cameras
Q-switched lasers
Laser Safety Goggles

Cheos Oy, Teemphotonics; energy per pulse

Cheos Oy, Andor, imaging, spectroscopy, Zyla, iStar, Zyla-HF

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