Enter the address that the receiver has provided to ‘To’ field. Only the address of the receiver should be placed in this field and nothing more.
Make sure to type only one receiver in ‘To’ field. If you wish to send copies of the message, do not use ‘To’ field. Add the recipients in the ‘Cc’ or ‘Bcc’ fields instead.
Email subject
This field is left empty because the subject will not be sent to the receiver.
Message field
This field is left empty because the message will not be sent to the receiver.
Add the invoices as attachments in PDF or TIFF format.
One attachment file should include all documents related to one invoice.
Do not use encrypted or password protected PDF files.
Remember to embed fonts to the invoice PDF if special fonts are used in the invoice.
Do not use picture taken by phone and convert them to PDF files.
Colored images are grey when converted to TIFF form. Prefer black and white images.
Add maximum 10 invoices as their own attachment files.
Maximum size for one attachment is 10 Mb.
Maximum layout size for an attachment is A3 (no minimum size limitation).
Maximum page limit for one attachment (one invoice) is 500 pages.
Secure connection is supported (SSL/TLS).
By default it is not notified if the invoice email is received successfully. You may receive an email acknowledgement upon request. Check your email client program for instructions for the request.
You may use one of the following languages as the invoice language: Finnish, Swedish or English.
In case sending e-mail invoice fails
In case there appears to be an error in sending invoice email you will be sent a notification with instructions how to fix the problem in the invoice.
In case the email message is faulty you will also receive a notification email. The error notification will refer to the first attachment.
If any of the attachment files is faulty, one notification email is sent per one faulty attachment file, which means multiple notifications may be sent back to you. You will be requested to resend the email with all of the attachments.
IMPORTANT: You will not be notified if the invoice email you have submitted is otherwise valid, but missing the attachment files.
In case you have sent an unfinished email by mistake
If you sent the email without attachments, resend the invoice email with all of the attachments.

Email address for invoices is: