3D cameras, laser sensors and software


Chromasens 3DPIXA Line scan cameras

Chromasens 3D line scanning camera 3DPIXA enables high-resolution 3D surface profile measurements. The combination of unique line camera technology and high-speed 3D stereo calculation produces the same 3D data and color images. Chromasens also manufactures LED luminaires optimized for 3D line scanning.

Application examples

  • Electronics industry: Inspection of printed circuit boards and wire bonding
  • Food industry: Food quality assessment
  • Metal Industry: Metal Surface Inspection


Acuity laser distance sensors

Short-range laser triangulation sensors (3 – 1270 mm)

Acuity’s range of laser distance sensors includes compact laser triangulation sensors. These short-range distance sensors are ideal for measurements that require high speeds and high measurement accuracy. Laser sensors are well suited for challenging machine integration, factory automation and component inspection applications.

Long range laser distance sensors

Acuity offers a variety of long-range sensors for accurate, non-contact measurements. These ranging lasers use “time-of-light” measurement principles to accurately measure distances of up to 300 meters (up to 3,000 meters if a reflector is used). These distance sensors are able to measure distances both indoors and outdoors. Areas of application include laser alignment, timber positioning, crane monitoring, fill level measurement, speed and height measurement.

Download long range sensors comparison chart here.

Quelltech industrial 3D line laser measurement sensors

Quelltech is a leading manufacturer of laser measurement systems and contactless laser sensor technology.

QuellTech Q6 laser scanners are ideally suited for industrial applications that require maximum accuracy at high line speeds.

The QuellTech Q5 Laser Scanner Series combines a compact design, high resolution, and high scanning speed.

The QuellTech Q4 Laser Scanner is a compact device that enables flexible integration into even the harshest environments.

Typical application examples for Quelltech laser scanners include e.g. :

  • Different dimensional measurements on the production line
  • Measurement of the straightness of the contact surfaces
  • Inspection of circuit boards
  • Inspection of adhesive joints
  • Inspection of welds
  • Weld seam tracking
  • Measurement of joint gaps in the automotive industry
  • Bending angle control

Thus, there are many applications, e.g. in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, welding technology, robotics and consumer electronics.

A summary of Quelltech scanner models can be found here: Scanner in comparison.

Application programming for Quelltech scanners is done either using the device’s own SDK, via the GigE interface with machine vision tools (Q6), or with the easy-to-use scripting software Eye Vision Tools (EVT). EVT is a particularly well-suited development tool for the rapid creation of complex 3D measurement applications. Quellltech also has ready-made applications, e.g. for monitoring the weld seam.


Matrox AltiZ 3D line laser sensors

Matrox® AltiZ is a series of high-resolution line laser 3D profile sensors. The devices have two cameras and one laser, which greatly reduces the occlusions that often arise on complex measurement surfaces. Matrox AltiZ works seamlessly with the standard GigE Vision machine vision interface and is easily accessible with Matrox’s own machine vision libraries and rapid development tools (Matrox Design Assistant).