Photron high speed cameras

Photron is constantly developing and expanding its product range in the fields of digital imaging and slow-motion analysis. Markets include microfluidics, military testing, aerospace, automotive, flow visualization and measurement (PIV), digital image correlation (DIC), ballistic testing and microscopy applications, and more.

The FASTCAM camera range offers high-quality features in an independent configuration for even the most demanding environments.

FASTCAM NOVA –series combines unique CMOS image sensor technologies with extensive expertise in high-speed digital imaging to provide the camera with the flexibility to be used in a wide range of applications. The growing product family includes the NOVA S series cameras S6/S9/S12/S16 with 1 megapixel sensor, the 4 megapixel R2 and the new 4K resolution cameras R4 and R5 (9.4 megapixels) and the “ultra-fast” S20

FASTCAM SA-Z ultra-fast cameras provide the performance needed to capture the motion of the fastest events using ultra-high frame rates and ultra-short exposure times.

FASTCAM MH6. Some applications require simultaneous recording from several camera heads, or filming is done in a dangerous or cramped space. Photron’s MH6 system camera heads (6 or 12 pcs) can be cost-effectively controlled from one control unit.

Fastcam Nova cameras, 8 different models

Photron Fastcam NOVA

FASTCAM NOVA cameras combine unique CMOS cell technology with expertise in fast digital imaging technology. The end result is a flexible whole for various applications in laboratory and field conditions.

The camera’s eight different models offer frame rates of up to 18750 frames per second (fps) with megapixel resolution, even with a shutter speed of less than 0.2µs. With smaller image resolutions, up to 1,100,000 images/second are achieved. All this with a camera that is durable, compact, and light and offers the best light sensitivity in its class.

NOVA’s standard features include an internal mechanical shutter for flexible system calibration, a high-performance 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface for camera control and fast image uploading, and memory segmentation, which enables simultaneous recording in one memory partition and data transfer from another.

The camera is compatible with several standard lenses such as Nikon G-Type, C-mount and Canon EF lenses.

The sealed “range-classified” body protects the electronics and internal structures from dust and corrosive particles. With the optional FASTDrive SSD, images can be saved to removable media from the camera’s memory at up to 1 GB per second.

The intuitive and versatile Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software is included in the installation package of every NOVA camera. The Photron Device Control SDK is also included, which enables the integration of the camera into user-specific software, as well as the necessary libraries for controlling the camera in the MATLAB® or LabView environment.

Fastcam Mini

The small but powerful FASTCAM Mini series high-speed cameras are designed to operate reliably under high G-loads, making them ideal for automotive and military applications.


Fastcam MH6

The compact and light FASTCAM MH6 camera system is perfectly suited for demanding testing conditions. The MH6 system allows up to six sensitive mini-sized 2 megapixel camera heads (35 mm x 35 mm x 36 mm, 100 g) to be connected to one control unit.
The system includes very thin and flexible connection cables that allow the camera heads to be installed at optimal viewing angles and installation locations. Both the camera heads and the control unit are very durable and functionally tested under 160G conditions. Each MH6 camera head produces excellent 1080 HD resolution images at a speed of 1000 frames per second. Light sensitivities are ISO 5,000 for color cameras and ISO 12,500 for black and white cameras. The cameras have durable 1-inch C-thread lenses with support holders.

The MH6 system enables automatic uploading of images to the built-in non-volatile memory. Image transfer to the computer takes place via Gigabit Ethernet and/or USB3. A built-in 3-axis / 1 kHz accelerometer enables waveform data to be combined with recorded images, and can also be used as a trigger signal for the capture phase.



Photron FastCam Viewer -software

PFV is the software used to control Photron’s FASTCAM series high-speed cameras from a computer.

The program manages the camera’s settings, controls, and recording and playback of footage. PFV4 is not limited to this, but offers a variety of image processing and video editing functions that are necessary for high-speed shooting. The program also controls external devices such as data loggers and lenses.

Also on mobile!


Photron 6D-Marker

Traditional 3D motion analysis requires a complex setup procedure where at least two or more cameras must be precisely positioned and calibrated using often complex structures. Once this is done, the software must track and measure the marker points as they move through the space in all three axes (X, Y and Z). Additional equipment and calibration may be needed if you also want to extrapolate changes in the position of objects, for example rotation, tilt angle or turning.

Photron’s 6D-Marker greatly simplifies this process. A reference object with a precise holographic pattern and a QR code together with the Photron 6 D marker Analyst program enable 6D measurements of the object with only one camera.



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Fastcam Nova kamerat


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Photron Fastcam Viewer


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Photron 6D Marker