Motion tracking and analysis



TrackImage provides several independent modules, each of them being dedicated to a specific application, with a fully automatized analysis of the videos: camera control, camera calibration and optical distortions corrections, 2D and 3D motion tracking, deformation tracking, virtual objects, air bag deployment tracking…


  • TrackCam: Camera control. Simultaneous control of multi-brand high-speed cameras and video pre-processing
  • Camera corrections. Optical and perspective distortions corrections
  • 2D Motion Tracking. Robust and accurate algorithms to track any kind of points in the video
  • 3D Motion Tracking. Accurate and easy-to-run 3D camera calibration and 3D markerless tracking
  • Deformation. Full contour tracking to measure object deformations.
  • Virtual objects. Hidden points and contours tracking
  • Airbag

High speed motion analysis


Data analysis and report generation software

TrackReport offers a full data visualisation and analysis environment, where interactivity and automation help creating simulation or test reports. Configurable report templates handle data post-processing algorithms as well as the graphical setup. 


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