Wednesday, 9th June 2021

Smaller and smaller, yet more powerful! The development and production of complex technical assemblies and components places high demands on thermal optimisation. The use of micro-thermography enables the thermal analysis of smallest structures in the µm range, as they occur in microelectronics for example.

Dive into the big world of micro thermography together with us and join our InfraTec online event. There are two time slots available, choose the time that suits you;

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Micro Thermography:
Contactless Temperature Measurement in the Micrometer Scale

A Glimpse Into the Online Event

What are the physical characteristics of micro thermography?
What are the technical requirements for an IR camera system?
Which accessories (hardware and software) are needed to solve the measurement task?
Which selection criteria are important and relevant?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of cooled and uncooled camera systems?
In which application areas is micro thermography used?